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GEMSCOPES from GT Vision


Zoom Magnification 10X to 40X Binocular Gemscope (ID 7940)

This microscope is more advanced and reasonably priced and and provides good quality images of gemmological specimens over a continuous range of magnifications with additional illumination features.
It is equipped with:

  • Inclined binocular head which includes:
    • rotable through 360deg to allow others to easily view the specimen
    • suitable for all users with interpupiliary distance adjustment
    • accomodates eye differences with diopter adjustment
    • comfortable viewing with a pair of 10X super-widefield eyepieces (optional 15X and 20X eyepieces are also available)
  • Easy magnification changing with a continuous zoom knob
    • contains paired zoom objectives with a zoom range of 1X to 4X
    • each pair of objectives is angled towards the subject and each objective is connected to an eyepiece to give you a true, 3D, stereo image of the subject under examination at all magnifications
    • Working Distance 90.5mm, field of view 22mm to 5.5mm (magnification dependant
  • Magnifications
    • together with the standard 10X eyepieces the objectives give a total continuous range of magnifications from 10X to 40X.
      • with the optional 15X eyepieces the magnification range is 15X to 60X
      • with the optional 20X eyepieces the magnification range is 30X to 80X
  • High quality, robust and stylish pillar stand with:
    • height adjustable to accommodate large specimens
    • focus rack & pinion on a removable focussing ring
    • built-in illumination:
      • 12V/10W transmitted halogen lamp with intensity adjustment
      • 12v/10W top halogen lamp with intensity adjustment
      • diffuse light, fluorescent white lamp on an articulated arm
    • darkfield stage with diaphragm
    • jewel tweezers
    • mains power 220/240V