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GEMSCOPES from GT Vision


Dual Magnification 20X/40X Binocular Gemscope

This microscope is great value for money and and provides good quality images of gemmological specimens.
It is equipped with:

  • Inclined binocular head which includes:
    • ratable through 360deg to allow others to easily view the specimen
    • suitable for all users with interpupiliary distance adjustment
    • accomodates eye differences with diopter adjustment
    • comfortable viewing with a pair of 10X widefield eyepieces (optional 15X and 20X eyepieces are also available)
  • Instant and easy magnification changing with a rotatable nosepiece
    • contains two pairs of objectives, 2X and 4X. 
    • Each pair of objectives is angled towards the subject and each objective is connected to an eyepiece to give you a true, 3D, stereo image of the subject under examination.
  • Magnifications
    • together with the standard 10X eyepieces the objectives give a total magnification of 20X and 40X.
      • with the optional 15X eyepieces the magnifications are 30X and 50X
      • with the optional 20X eyepieces the magnifications are 40X and 80X
  • High quality, robust and stylish arm stand with:
    • focus rack & pinion
    • Built-in illumination:
      • 12V/10W transmitted halogen lamp with intensity adjustment
      • 12v/10W top halogen lamp with intensity adjustment
    • darkfield stage with diaphragm
    • jewel tweezers
    • mains power 220/240V